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Re: connectivism for dummies
by Inger Carin Grøndal – Thursday, 24 September 2009, 12:44 AM
About the teachable moment and groupthink
Thanks, combined you made me think about two ways to do this in the classroom (there are plenty of other ways, but these are connected to using ICT in the classroom). The first one is using response groups and roles in a discussion. That is, you encourage students to take on roles and positions that are not theirs. For example, discussing the concept of learning from the point of view of Piaget, Skinner or someone else. That also encourages thinking outside the box.

The second idea is for the use of Twitter. I’m planning a seminar about using Twitter in the classroom, and one of the things I am planning is for the students to find people to follow who are relevant for their fields. Well, the second task must be for the students to find people to follow who strongly disagree with their views. The simple task to start with, is of course to find people who disagree political, by for example follow someone from a different party, and then move on to your subject field.

My point is not to wait for the teachable moment, but to create them yourself. Encourage students to see another points of view than the ones they stand for.

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