Oct 252009

In 2004 I worked in a iEARN project with 9 year old students at a primary school. A tweet from Leila Nachawati makes me remember that great experience and made me notice that it was already a connectivist learning process, but without todays tools. And those problems we had then where the ones we are still trying to solve now:
-how to work on the differences (the project was to connect with students from schools in differents countries or cities, sometimes this was difficult: they had so different lifes that didn´t understand each other)
-how to work with less control over the learning process (kids got nervous at the beginning, they had to make decisions. I got nervous about this too! What were they going to say to other students, would they behave, be nice, show respect, say interesting things??? etc)
-what was going to be the project about? The main idea was them to connect. They did that. But for what?

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Oct 252009

Great conference (given on 2007 by Kevin Kelly) about the progress of new technologies. Internet is a great machine and as we can´t imagine our lifes without language (another machine Kelly says) we wont be able to imagine ourselves without Internet (we can´t already).
He describes three fases of the web 1. connection from computer to computer
2. connection from page to page
3. connections between ideas (now!)

The machine will get more personalized and the price for that will be transparency.
“The one”, there is a unity emerging. We are in the machine, the one is us.
Trust the machine!
Complete conference on TED Talks
(via Gus Goncalves)

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