Oct 252009

In 2004 I worked in a iEARN project with 9 year old students at a primary school. A tweet from Leila Nachawati makes me remember that great experience and made me notice that it was already a connectivist learning process, but without todays tools. And those problems we had then where the ones we are still trying to solve now:
-how to work on the differences (the project was to connect with students from schools in differents countries or cities, sometimes this was difficult: they had so different lifes that didn´t understand each other)
-how to work with less control over the learning process (kids got nervous at the beginning, they had to make decisions. I got nervous about this too! What were they going to say to other students, would they behave, be nice, show respect, say interesting things??? etc)
-what was going to be the project about? The main idea was them to connect. They did that. But for what?

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  1. Luz, I still would like to know more about that project. Blogging, forum and they will have no problems between different time zones

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